Quadra BEC Ltd was founded to provide architectural design input and technical assurance to Clients, Consultants and Contractors within a modern construction industry. Our senior staff have worked in the construction industry since the early 1980ís encompassing both Design & Build and traditional architectural practice experience.


The company was formed with the intention of providing added value to the design process (from inception to completion), combining excellent technical skills with creative flair.


In our approach, we aim to contribute positively and effectively to a Clientís† aspirations and requirements.† Our† support and commitment to the projects we undertake is one of our key differentiators.† Construction is an essentially collaborative process and our understanding, founded on 30+ years of experience, indicates that a successful project will result from a well meshed team with the Client as an essential team member.† Quadra prides itself on its record of good customer liaison, and are keen to help people fulfil and exceed their expectations of the built environment through our ability to listen, understand and respond accordingly.


Technical issues such as compliance with British Standards and production of appropriate / up-to-date documentation are dealt with by subscriptions and memberships.


This information allows us to research topics and produce consistent accurate information, which in turn avoids confusion and doubt for the Contractor when tendering and working on site.† All of this goes to achieve added value for our clients that can be measured tangibly in terms of cost.



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